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And The Oscar Goes To… We Were There When… Great Fun with James Sexton On The Coffee at Eleven Show  #CoffeewithColm

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Your Truly: A very good morning, ladies and gentlemen. You’re more than welcome to this episode 79 of The Coffee at Eleven Show brought to you by WIG-WAM

Delighted that you here. Thanks for joining us. Delighted in particular that my special guest this morning is Mr. James Sexton. James, you’re very welcome. Would you please say, “Hello,” and show us your coffee mug? I saw your lovely coffee mug earlier.

James Sexton: Hi, Colm. Yeah. Yeah, it’s a plain coffee mug. So hello and thanks for having me and I’m looking forward to it.

Princess Shelley: Thank you very much, James. Thank you. [crosstalk 00:00:39] And it really is a pleasure to have you on the show [crosstalk 00:00:42] and I’ve seen lots of smiling, nodding, laughing, and you’ve been a wonderful guest and I’m delighted at this point to pass you back over to the host with the most, it’s Colm. Thank you, Colm.

James Sexton: Thanks, Shelley.

Yours Truly: Lovely, Shell, that’s gorgeous. Yeah, James, thank you for that. See, I love that piece, that part of the show. Brighid, did you want to come in with something? You had your hand up.

Brighid McLaughlin: Okay. You were looking for a bone to pick. Well, I actually have a bone to pick with you.

James Sexton: Right. Go for it.

Brighid McLaughlin: That background you have there is absolutely brutal for someone in entertainment and razzmatazz and trying to sell a product, right?

James Sexton: I can show you-

Brighid McLaughlin: Would you ever get that changed? Would you ever get it changed? Who gave you the advice on that?

James Sexton: Well, I could show you backgrounds if I turned that camera. I’m going to do it. I’m going to showing you a background.

Brighid McLaughlin: Go on, do it. Do it.

James Sexton: Watch this. Watch this. Watch this. Can I see what I’m doing here now?

Brighid McLaughlin: Yeah, we can. We can. [crosstalk 00:01:34]

James Sexton: In there in that office, there’s half a Range Rover. You see it? Can you make it out?

Brighid McLaughlin: Not really, but I believe you.

James Sexton: I’ve got a desk in that office and it’s half for Range Rover cut in two. Well, it’s a Range Rover cut in two.

Brighid McLaughlin: I don’t care about the Range Rover-

James Sexton: It is mad. But do you know something? I’m the type of person, I’d rather have a wall here behind me, grand. If I’m in there sitting beside that, you’re going to go, “What is this headcase doing?”

Brighid McLaughlin: No, no, I think the Range Rover is better. I have to say, James. Right? [crosstalk 00:02:11] That background, that has to go. It looks like a prison cell with and old tree propped up-

James Sexton: That’s very funny. Yeah. I was on a call recently and somebody else said that to me, “James, sort out the background.” I have so many bizarre backgrounds around this building and props. I had an Oscar there. I’m kind of sorry I took it away, especially with Colm’s point.

Brighid McLaughlin: We forgive you. We forgive you.

James Sexton: Next time, I’ll dress up in a shiny suit and I’ll have Oscars and I’ll be sitting in a Range Rover and everything.

Brighid McLaughlin: Yeah. Yeah. Good. Good. Good. Had to say it. Had to say it.

Yours Truly: James Sexton, welcome to The Coffee at Eleven Show. No idea what’s going to come out, but it’s always a pleasure. Brighid, thanks for that. That was great. That was lovely. Thank you.

James Sexton: Can I say one thing, Colm? Would you pause there for 30 seconds? Could ye chat amongst yourselves for 30? I’m just going to do this. Hold tough. Hold tough.

Yours Truly: Oh, come here, we better unmute everybody. This is great craic.

Eamonn Smith: I have a feeling this has been inspired by Brighid, would it be a lot to say? [crosstalk 00:03:18].

James Sexton: Here’s the Oscar thing, come on, you deserve that. [crosstalk 00:03:28] And the Oscar goes to Colm O’Brien. [crosstalk 00:03:29]

Sarah Warde: Now you’re talking. Now you’re talking. [crosstalk 00:03:35]. Colm, it’s the image of you.

James Sexton: Yeah, there you are.

James Finnegan: Put your pants on, Colm.

Brighid McLaughlin: Yeah.

James Sexton: I don’t know how much of it you can see there.

Brighid McLaughlin: We can’t see enough.

James Sexton: Oh, maybe you can see too much. Let’s move on from that.

Yours Truly: James, between Brighid and Sarah now, we’ve got to keep going. We often have to bring guests back twice, second time to apologize.

James Sexton: Who’s Brighid? I’ve never heard of Brighid.

Yours Truly: Yeah, yeah. She’s deleted. She’s deleted.

Okay. So, let’s just go there for a second. We’re going to go to Q&A, or comment from the floor, if you don’t mind, in just a moment. What would you like to see in your industry? Let’s say 2021, what would you like to see happen?

James Sexton: Well, currently I’d love to see… I know some people in the industry, they’ve been cut from the 350 to the 203 for different reasons. I think it’s difficult for people in entertainment and in the arts and that. I’d love to see that being a level playing field for everybody, everybody to get that. But going forward, I’d just love to see us getting back working. I’d love to see people’s confidence growing, and not alone people, corporate organizations, their confidence growing.

I mean, I’m currently was quoting for… It was very different coming in terms of quotes, inquiries. There are very little quotes going in and out. But the ones that are going out, they’re still very hazy, they’re still, “If we go ahead. If.” I’d love to see some bit of normality and things settling down. And we’re going to have a tough couple of years, there’s no way these big companies are going to be straight back in there. I do a lot of work for Boston Scientific, great company in Galway. They’re not going to come straight back in with massive crowds, they’re going to watch it. People don’t want to necessarily be there anyway, so it’ll be slow, but it will come back. And I just love to see things happening slowly, and then maybe expanding, presuming there’s a vaccine and away we go.

Yours Truly: Yeah, yeah. Please God it’ll all come back in time. But I think you’re right. I think that’s a very prudent approach. It’s not going to come straight back to [crosstalk 00:05:57]. No way. What are you taking with you from COVID, James?

James Sexton: Well, you know something? I’ve heard a lot of people saying it and it’s definitely true for me. The time we’ll have had with the family has been great. I mean, I’m on the road a lot. It’s an easy thing to say. People say that, “Ah, sure it’s great,” but I genuinely mean it. I think I’m on the road a lot. Now, I’m not away as much as people think. People think I’m gone morning, noon, and night doing this. I’m not. But I’m always doing something, but I’m never far away. You know what I mean? Unless the gig is far away, I suppose, then I am.

And we nearly always home. I’m never a million miles away. But this time it’s been great in the sense of I’m at home with the lads, we’ve good old fun, they’re all still at home. They’re 18, 17, 21 and 23. So they’re not going to be home for much longer. We’ve been very lucky they’re there and we’re having good fun and enjoying the company and enjoying the old barbecues outside when the weather is good. So that’s been super. So I think that is something we’ll look back on. We’ll never ever get to spend that time with family. You’d never have thought that would have happened and that has happened, so that’s been great.

And the creative time I’ve had. To be honest, I was a bit slow getting creative in it. I kind of enjoyed the time off for a while and enjoyed a few weeks and I didn’t do too much. And then I said, “Hold on, I’ve got to get moving to here again,” and I did. And as I say, I come over here, I do my thing during the day. I put in a day’s work and go home.

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