WIG-WAM 10-Step Program

Every Business Owner or Career Professional starts out with big ideas on how to make their business great. Our 10-step comprehensive program enables Business Owners and/or Senior Leaders to unlock their potential and to achieve what they’ve always dreamed of for their business. Here at WIG-WAM, we know that the day to day running of a business can get in the way of achieving long term goals, that is why we designed our 10-step program. By helping you to realize your Wonderfully Inspiring Goals and providing you with Weekly Accountability Meetings, our 10-step program enables the future success of your business. By enrolling in our 10-step program you and/or your Senior Team can reinvigorate your business strategy through expert coaching and peer-to-peer support. WIG-WAM is designed to provide structure and add clarity to the areas of your business that need development.

Your Business/Career Can Never Outgrow You

Enrolling in WIG-WAM’s program helps you and/or your Senior Team to spend 75 to 90 mins per week enhancing the future of your business with professional guidance and expertise. You also set your own engagement piece between meetings, which allows you to achieve goals in tandem with the progression of the program.

Our 10-Step Program covers:

1.Personal LeadershipYour Career Can Never Outgrow You

2.The Bigger PictureYour Career in Context

3.The Roles You Play – There’s More To Life Than Work

4.Four Pillars for Work-Life-BalanceHealth, Wealth, Relationships & Spirit 

5.Figuring Out What Is Important To You

6.How To Manage Time Effectively

7.How To Create Your WIGs (Wonderfully Inspiring Goals)

8.How To Maintain Focus!

9.How to Stay On Track

10.That’s a Wrap: What Have You Learned, What Has Improved?

Our experienced team of facilitators are business and career professionals trained in leading mastermind discussions business owners and senior leaders. Your WIG-WAM is a safe space to explore the challenges faced in a COVID-reality world with real-time advice from peers and expert coaches.