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Wildly Important Goals – Weekly Accountability Meetings

Don’t let your dreams for your business fall to the wayside – WIG-WAM’s programs are proven to help businesses maximise their potential and achieve their goals. Our team have experience solving every business challenge from people problems to strategy.

Here at WIG-WAM we combine proven strategies with peer support to encourage the growth and advancement of your business. Our 10-week program facilitates a safe space for learning and developing your business. We endeavour to create the perfect environment for peers to challenge and support each other as they progress in their careers by adopting time-tested WIG-WAM frameworks.

The WIG-WAM team is made up of business professionals who, along with their extensive business experience, are professionally trained to provide personal development for people in business. All of the program facilitators have been through the WIG-WAM framework and can attest to its effectiveness.

We are excited to help you and your business succeed.


What Can WIG-WAM Do For You?

WIG-WAM is designed specifically to offer SME peer support to Business Owners like you, looking to get clarity on what you want to achieve, helping change your mindset and giving you a fresh perspective. It is a 10-session program for businesses serious about the ‘next normal’.


Motivation can wane even for the most conscientious and determined Business Owner. It is a fact of life that human beings are social animals; we feed off each other, get energy from each other. You will have weeks when everything goes your way and your WIG-WAM will need you. There will be other weeks when you will need your WIG-WAM peers.


The WIG-WAM Program is designed around 10 sessions (90 mins each) over 10 weeks, each focused on a piece of education and content to help guide you towards successful attainment of your WIG. While the education piece is important, of infinitely greater importance is the engagement of the group, as Michelle calls it, “The Hive Mind” – we all learn from each other.

Goal Achieving

Goal Setting is fundamental to business and personal success and many Business Owners are masters at setting goals, however, not every business owner knows how to actually achieve them!
At WIG-WAM, we help you to decide on a WIG – Wildly Important Goal and then we work with you in your WAM – Weekly Accountability Meeting over the ten weeks to give you the best shot at achieving it.

What could your WIG be?


One of the universal challenges faced by the SME Business Owner is not having an accountability partner. WIG-WAM has that covered. The whole idea is we help you set a WIG (Wildly Important Goal) and then hold you accountable to yourself in the WAM (Weekly Accountability Meeting)

Clever, huh? We think so.

From Our Co-Creators

Who Is Behind WIG WAM?

Having successfully built their own businesses, co-creators Colm O’Brien and Michelle Barry identified that accountability is sometimes lacking among SME business owners. Owners can benefit from peer support and assistance in setting and achieving goals, and so they developed ‘WIG-WAM’ – ‘Wildly Important Goal – Weekly Accountability Meeting.’

WIG-WAM is effectively a temporary (10 sessions) home, a safe space for cultivating a peer support environment, fostering trust and growth so that business owners can Re-imagine, Re-invent and Re-bound into a brave new Post-COVID world!

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