Time and Money are the two elements most often cited as being in short supply for people to live the life they truly want.

And of these two, the most valuable by far is time.

Bad news, good news.

Bad news: You’re not getting any more time. Sorry. I asked. I was told no.

Good news: You can change how you spend your time to allow you keep more of it for yourself and those you love. You can, at the same time invest some of this most precious resource to create more wealth! Win-win.

In this week’s “Coffee with Colm” I explore some ways you can create more free time whilst simultaneously improving your financial situation now and for the future.

As always, there are no right or wrong answers, just right or wrong for you, and there is certainly no judgement in the “Coffee with Colm” series or in WIG-WAM, my hope is to simply inspire you to Think, and A.C.T. where appropriate.

Therefore, I invite you to stick on the kettle, grab a coffee and Think and A.C.T. Rich with me for a few minutes in your preferred way…

Listen to the podcast here.

Watch the captioned video below…

Think and A.C.T. Rich – How To Create More Time and Money For You in 2022


Stay well, stay in touch and pop in again next week for another ‘Coffee with Colm’.

Yours Truly

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