“Probably the best interview I have ever done! The relaxed format with so many people involved was amazing.”

Liam Ryan

High praise indeed for the unique style of The Coffee at Eleven Show ~ an online interview in front of a live audience, with several elements thrown into the mix ~ from veteran interviewer, cancer survivor Liam Ryan who was our guest on the Season’s Finale. Talk about going out with a bang!

The Coffee at Eleven Show was COVID-born and has kept Yours Truly, along with the wonderful team that formed to make it what it is; Michelle Barry (Producer), Eamonn Smith (Head of Guest Services), Tim Kelly (Deputy Head of Guest Services) and Caterina O’Brien (Editor in Chief), sane and busy.

Apart from the guests, we had the most amazing live audiences attend, many of whom were there episode after episode, one of whom deserves special mention for attending every single one, helping us ‘throw up the shutters’ on our humble zoom café, and that is Sarah Warde from Limerick. Thank you Sarah.

Since the first lockdown, we have had 112 riveting conversations with ‘People Worth Meeting’. We laughed, we gasped, we cried, our souls soared and our hearts broke in equal measure as we enjoyed wide-ranging chats in this new virtual world.

Season 4 comprised Episodes 101 through112 so, as we take a well deserved (even though I say so myself) break, we felt we would leave you with an easy to navigate post of the twelve shows so you can dip in and out as suits over the summer.

Stay safe. Be kind to yourself and those around you and we’ll see you on the other side.

Yours Truly.

Episode 101 “If You Open Your Mind Up To Life As An Adventure, It Brings You Loads” Evelyn Pepperrell in S4 E1

Episode 102 “Music Is No Weight To Carry Through Life” ~ S4 E2 of The Coffee At Eleven show with Brian Reilly

Episode 103 “The Magic Is Within You” ~ S4 E3 ~ Vivian McKinnon Tells The Cafe How She Turned Her Life Around.

Episode 104 Inspiration Is The Oxygen Of Today ~ Jacob Cooper & The Near Death Experience That Inspired His Book

Episode 105 “For Any Introverts Listening, It IS your Superpower” ~ Jean Evans: Networking Expert And Introvert

Episode 106 “21st Century Traveller Man” ~ Martin Mahon Actor & Traveller Activist on Coffee At Eleven Show S4E6

Episode 107 From The School of Hard Knocks ~ Nicola ‘Noogle’ Lawless on S4 E7 of the Coffee At Eleven Show

Episode 108 “Everything Starts With A Good Night’s Sleep” Johann Callaghan on S4E8 of The Coffee At Eleven Show

Episode 109 “The Result Of An Unsupervised Imagination” ~ Joanna Ryan-Purcell~ S4E9 of The Coffee At Eleven Show

Episode 110 “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do Something” Emma Jane Clarke on S4E10 of The Coffee At Eleven Show

Episode 111 Meet The Original “Word Lover” ~ Our Cafe Poet Ger White on S4 E11 of The Coffee At Eleven Show

Episode 112 “My Death Was The Elephant In The Room & The Room Was Tiny” ~ S4 E12 of The Coffee At Eleven Show

Stay safe, stay in touch.

Season 5 of The Coffee at Eleven Show will kick off mid- September and can be accessed LIVE every Friday at 11am IST here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82661656072 Live audience members welcome for FREE.