Yep, you read that right. I was plummeting to earth for my second tandem parachute jump – at terminal velocity (almost 120 MPH) – when something went wrong.

Clearly, since I’m here to tell the tale, I survived, but there were a couple of lessons I took from the experience, which I’d like to share.

In this week’s “Coffee with Colm” episode, I recount the experience of both jumps, the first one being so exhilarating it brought me back for a second – where things went awry – the differences between both, and most importantly, the lessons I took on board.

As ever, I invite you to stick on the kettle, grab a coffee and think with me for a few (10) minutes in your preferred way…

Listen to the podcast here.

Watch the captioned video below…

Two Lessons I Learned When My Parachute Didn’t Open Two Mile Up ‘Coffee with Colm’ Spring 2022, Ep 2


Stay well, stay in touch and pop in again next week for another ‘Coffee with Colm’.

Yours Truly

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