I used to be an optimist. These days I’m optimistic. Subtle difference, but different nonetheless.

Years ago, I stumbled across a story about an American POW (Prisoner of War), Admiral James Stockdale, who managed to survive more than seven years in the most horrendous conditions in the prison camps in Hanoi, North Vietnam, where he was taken when his fighter plane was shot down.

How he survived – as well as why many didn’t – intrigued me and I’ve been living by ‘The Stockdale Paradox’ ever since.

To hear about The Stockdale Paradox, I invite you to stick on the kettle, grab a coffee, and think with me for a few minutes in your preferred way… 

Ps. Admiral Stockdale was in prison for seven years; you can benefit from what he learned in just 4 minutes here – not bad.

Listen to the podcast here.

Watch the captioned video below…


Stay well, stay in touch and pop in again next week for another ‘Coffee with Colm’.

Yours Truly

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