I have to admit to enjoying rummaging about in my archive material and this week my attention was drawn to this one – Hedgehog For Breakfast.

Hedgehog For Breakfast is a mini-chapter in my book, “Feeding Johnny – How to Build a Business Despite the Roadblocks” and it refers to a concept I stumbled across in another book, by author Jim Collins. In it, Collins talks about the lessons we can take from being observant.

I enjoyed this one; I hope you do, too.

I invite you to stick on the kettle, grab a coffee, and think with me for a few minutes in your preferred way… 

Ps. No hedgehogs were harmed in this production!

Listen to the podcast here.

Watch the captioned video below…


Stay well, stay in touch and pop in again next week for another ‘Coffee with Colm’.

Yours Truly

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