Yeah, it was one of those weeks where I found myself a bit bent out of shape by life so when I sat down to record the “Coffee with Colm” vlog, I found (very unusually) myself scrapping it four times and restarting. By the fifth take, and after 45 minutes of recorded material, I felt I had worked out my angst and it finally distilled into six minutes worth sharing.

I found myself ‘thinking out loud’ in those six minutes and drawing parallels between Russia invading Ukraine (seeking to impose their view of the world as being the only correct view of the world, on another sovereign nation) and Social Media types who come on and tell me and you that we are losers, if we are not willing to bust our gut 24/7 in the pursuit of some dream (usually represented by vast sums of wealth).

Anyway, I worked through it over a cup of coffee and was definitely less grumpy by the end. Thank you for allowing me this platform on which to ruminate.

As ever, I invite you to stick on the kettle, grab a coffee, find out why I was grumpy, and think with me for a few (6) minutes in your preferred way…

Listen to the podcast here.

Watch the captioned video below…

Why I’m Bent Out of Shape This Week


Stay well, stay in touch and pop in again next week for another ‘Coffee with Colm’.

Yours Truly

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