I don’t know what to say about this episode of The Coffee at Eleven Show, except to suggest, recommend – nay implore – you to check it out.

Dee Keogh was amazing! And Oprah hasn’t copped on… yet! But, she will.

“I Have a PhD in Mistakes” Dee Keogh on Why She Hasn’t Met Oprah…Yet!” was an audience favorite and was voted by The Coffee at Eleven Show Team a Top 3 contender for sure across all 3 Seasons! High praise. And wholly deserved.

It was fun, poignant at times, beautiful, and life affirming in the extreme.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you stick on the kettle, grab a coffee, and think with Dee Keogh and Yours Truly for a bit in your preferred way.

Dee Keogh:Dear Oprah. Dear O-P-R-A-H, this is my gazillionth time to write to you. I have written to you more times than Tim Robbins wrote to get his library into Shawshank’s Redemption. And do you know what? You’d probably put him on the show quicker than me. Dear Oprah, I can’t put it any more eloquently, and I can’t even use bad language because you’re into God and all. Well, here goes, Oprah.”

Yours Truly: Ladies and gentlemen, you are more than welcome. Really, really delighted to have you here in the cafe for this, yet another episode of The Coffee at Eleven Show, brought to you by WIG-WAM Global. Delighted to have you here, and in particular, delighted to have our very special guest this morning, friend of the show since season one, Dee Keogh.

Dee Keogh: Good morning. “Go raibh maith agat” it says. I have read probably more self-help books than you all put together, right? That I know. I just don’t stop, because I’m an innate searcher. And next of all, I meet Oprah on TV and I go, “How does she know that,” and I know. So, I can’t believe I meet Oprah. So I’m dying to meet her. But there’s a common theme that comes between that. When I was working with the young women in Tallaght, when we were doing our graduation, I’d say to them, “Who would you like to have at your graduation? And you can pick anyone.” And they’d be looking at me and they’d say… One of them said, “Madonna.” I’m thinking, “why would you pick Madonna?” Thinking that she’s creative.

I said, “Why Madonna?” And she said, “Well, she has two kids for two different fathers, like me.” So I just thought, I wouldn’t have even thought of that so I was thinking of the identification. And then, when I moved to Kerry, I was working with women in farming and women parenting alone. And we’d have a graduation and I’d say, “Who would you love, if you could bring to the graduation, who would you bring?” And they all said Oprah. And I remember saying, “Well, we’d write to her and she’ll come.” And if you were to believe the law of attraction and all this sort of craic, it should happen because nobody loves Oprah like I love her and I know Marianne me friend all them and Shahidah, who I’d like to talk about, wouldn’t have an interest really.

And not in a bad way. That’s just their thing. But I loved her because I like her language and I like it’s accessible. And self-help books gave me language and words that I didn’t have before. So it actually re-parented me. And it made me feel just more connected. And so I said, I’d write to her. So I wrote, and I was convinced she would… because I’d be very good. That’s one thing I know, I’m very good at writing letters and stuff. And I was convinced. So I then would start practicing what we were going to do when she came and we were going to get our nails done, we’re going to… And I had Fiona O’Callaghan and she runs at the Cliff House Hotel. I didn’t even tell her this, but I told her in my head, she’s organizing the chairs on the beach and she puts white cloth over them.

And I have a fellow who does art, pixie dust sand art. We were going to have a count down; 10 more days for Oprah, nine more… So it has to happen. But do you know where I got my best learning about the Oprah story was, I get asked to talk at different things to women in business, or somebody might say to you when you get up and I’d get up and I’d say, “Do you know I wrote to Oprah?” And they’d all laugh. And then I’d say, “She didn’t answer me yet,” I’d say, right. And I’d meet people around the town, they’d say… And I usually got two responses and they’d say, “Dee, you’re gas. You really made me laugh. I’d never stopped laughing.”

And I’d go and I’d be delighted with meself. And then I might meet someone else and they’d say, “You never met Oprah yet. That must be about five years, right?” And I’d go… I’m only just tellin’ you and I’d react like, “Yeah. Well, she might. She’s very busy and she’s doing her 2020…” I’d be defensive. And then what I learned about meself was when I answered, somebody else would say, “You never met Oprah yet. You’re not much of an advertisement.” I’d say, “I know, but isn’t it gas. We’re having the craic.” And what I realized was, how I respond is reflecting on the level at which she’s going to come and… ah, Eilish, you’re the craic. So I know I’m going to meet her.

Yours Truly: Two quick questions, right? And then we’re going over to Shelley. First question is, what are you taking with you from COVID?

Dee Keogh: Sorry. I was getting so excited reading all this stuff. I think I’m in Oprah’s gaff. What am I taking from COVID is to be slower, to be kinder and to give people time. Yeah.

Yours Truly: Bualadh bos. Slower, kinder, and give people time. Beautiful. So Dee what would you say to somebody who’s struggling? What piece of advice would you give? If they could only do one thing to cope with what’s coming down the track, what would you say?

Dee Keogh: Do you know where I got this one from? Ethan Hawke was being interviewed on Brendan O’Connor last week. And he was talking about his daughter and his daughter is an actress or something. And Brendan O’Connor was saying to him, he said, “Are you worried about her being an actress?” Do you know, in that world, it’s kind of a little bit precarious and it can be difficult. He said, “No.” He said, “She’s into everything. She’s into writing, she’s into music.” And he said this, “If you’ve got heart, no one can stop you.” And I thought it was gorgeous. And I’m saying it to you, if you have heart… And we all have a heart. I live here sometimes, but my home is in here and no one can take that from you. So if you have heart, no one can stop you.


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