Child Sexual Abuse is rampant in Ireland. More than 4,300 cases were reported to TUSLA in 2021 alone. This number is up 36% from five years earlier. Does this mean the problem is getting worse, or that more people are talking about it? At CARI (Children At Risk in Ireland), the charity I work alongside, which was founded in 1989, we feel it is a combination of the two.

During lockdown, when we were told to stay at home to stay safe, it appears home was the least safe place for many children. With no escape, the effect was the waiting list at CARI doubled in one year, growing from 98 souls to 197 souls in twelve months.

At the same time, again because we were in lockdown, CARI’s fundraising opportunities virtually dried up, resulting in a halving of funds raised in this way.

For CARI, this was a perfect storm, waiting list doubling, while fundraising dropped by 50%. For a child at home, who is sitting on our waiting, having been sexually abused, this is a nightmare.

CARI’s waiting list is now five YEARS long. This means that a child who comes to us age three, could be eight before we can help her or him. This is unconscionable.

In this Coffee with Colm Special, I am appealing to you to see what you can do to help. I have recorded an eight-minute slide presentation outlining the situation, and suggesting ways you can help. If you do nothing more than investing eight minutes into understanding the problem, you will have helped because you will be another educated soul in the world, so the world can only get better, be a little kinder.

I invite you to stick on the kettle, grab a coffee, and think with me for a few minutes in this Coffee with Colm Special Episode on behalf of CARI.

Thank you.


Watch the video below…

Stay well, stay in touch and help if you can.

PS, if you are impacted by anything shared here, please contact the CARI Care Line on 0818 924567

Yours Truly