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Who Is Behind 

Having successfully built their own businesses, co-creators Colm O’Brien and Michelle Barry identified that accountability as well as work/life balance -are sometimes lacking among SME business owners and career professionals. They know how much peer support and assistance means in helping set and achieve business or career goals, whilst simultaneously taking care of themselves and those most dear to them, so they developed ‘WIG-WAM’ – ‘Wonderfully Inspiring Goals – Weekly Accountability Meeting.’

WIG-WAM is effectively a temporary (10 sessions) home, a safe space for cultivating a peer support environment, fostering trust and growth so that business owners and senior managers can Re-imagine, Re-invent and Re-bound into a brave new Post-COVID world!


What Can WIG-WAM Do For You?

WIG-WAM is designed specifically to offer peer support to SME Business Owners or Senior Leaders like you, looking to get clarity on what you want to achieve, helping change your mindset and giving you a fresh perspective. It is a 10-session program for businesses serious about the ‘next normal’.

But it’s not just about work! All work and no play… well, you know the rest, so at WIG-WAM we focus on the Four Pillars of a Successful Life; Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Relationships and Your Spirit


Motivation can wane even for the most conscientious and determined Business Owner or Senior Leader. It is a fact of life that human beings are social animals; we feed off each other, get energy from each other. You will have weeks when everything goes your way and your WIG-WAM will need you. There will be other weeks when you will need your WIG-WAM peers.


The WIG-WAM Program is designed around 10 sessions (90 mins each) over 10 weeks, each focused on a piece of education and content to help guide you towards successful attainment of your WIGs. While the education piece is important, of infinitely greater importance is the engagement of the group, as Michelle calls it, “The Hive Mind” – we all learn from each other.

Goal Achieving

Goal Setting is fundamental to business and personal success and many Business Owners are masters at setting goals, however, not every business owner knows how to actually achieve them!
At WIG-WAM, we help you to decide on a WIG – Wonderfully Inspiring Goal and then we work with you in your WAM – Weekly Accountability Meeting over the ten weeks to give you the best shot at achieving it.

What could your WIGs be?


One of the universal challenges faced by the SME Business Owner or Senior Leader is not having an accountability partner. WIG-WAM has that covered. The whole idea is we help you set WIGs (Wonderfully Important Goals) and then hold you accountable to yourself in the WAM (Weekly Accountability Meeting)

Clever, huh? We think so.


Free Resources To Get You Started


Take our iMA Questionnaire and learn what your natural communication style is, and how, by understanding it, you can communicate more effectively with others.

(or WIGs)

Many entrepreneurs speak of ‘conquering the world, but by spreading yourself too thin, you risk not conquering anything at all! Get our goal achieving tips now.


Our FREE 4-step program allows you to rethink how you manage your time and gives you insights into how the most successful people manage their time.




Have Questions About WIG-WAM?


How much time do I need to commit?

60 TO 90 mins per week in Your WIG-WAM – plus an engagement piece which you will set for yourself between sessions

What if my competitors are part of the group?

We will endeavor to ensure this doesn’t happen – you will have full sight of your peers before you enter your WIG-WAM

How much does it cost to join?

For your 10 sessions the investment is only €599 HOWEVER there is an Early Bird (limited time) discount of €100 bringing your investment back to €499

A deposit of €249.50 will be required to secure your Early Bird pricing, with the balance payable before the program commences.

Naturally, no refunds can be made on your deposit. 

When is the next WIG-WAM?

The next series of WIG-WAMs kicks off on TUESDAY 5th October 2021 and will run weekly until TUESDAY 7th December, finishing just in time for Christmas, leaving you with the warm glow of having achieved something in 2021 despite COVID and poised to tackle 2022 with renewed focus and energy.

Ready To Join Your WIG-WAM?

Talk to a member of the WIG-WAM team now to see how WIG-WAM can help you achieve the Wonderfully Inspiring Goals that have eluded you to date.

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